How to Improve Your Bruised Credit Score

Ok. We know... Adulting can be hard and money management tops the list. So JC Realty had to bring in the expert to chat about how to manage your credit. Mortgage Specialist, Natasha Mohr with TMG, gives us a short lesson on:

  • what is a credit score and how can you find out what your score is
  • what is reported on my credit report
  • ways to improve your score like always paying bills on time and in the full amount
  • tips on how to stay on top of your consumer debt... hint it all boils down to living within your means and using credit responsibly

Natasha's extensive experience in the mortgage world not only enables her to find you the right mortgage product... it's goes deeper then that. Educating you on your options and ways to improve your current financial situation is why her clients are raving about her.

Natasha Mohr | | [email protected] | 306.541.7669

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