Local Talent Brings Life To Cathedral Village

Ever wonder who is behind the stunning graffiti artwork in Cathedral Village? We did, too! Jessica had a chance to speak with local talent Josh Goff about his start and what he hopes visitors to Cathedral Village will experience when they explore the neighborhood.

Josh Goff is a Regina-born, self-taught artist. He grew up in Lakeview and went to Sheldon Collegiate. Cathedral was literally his canvas. He started out like every artist, loving to draw, incredibly interested in comic books and illustrations, and went from the angsty teen tagging buildings to breathing color and life into a concrete city with his stunning iconic murals you see today. Graffiti is as free of an art form as you can get. It’s an expression that is often misunderstood, but it can also be the breath of fresh air an aging neighborhood desperately needs.

Specifically in Cathedral, you will have seen his work and collaborations with other artists at Elle’s Cafe, Butcher Boy, Pacific Fresh Fish, the Burns & Hanley Building, Brandee’s, and nooks and crannies of hidden gems deeper into the back allies of the Village. It all started with the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Committee approaching Goff to commission murals for the neighbourhood to help revitalize the area. A collaboration of artists connected to bring tribute to Misha Pavelick, a friend who tragically lost his life at the age of 19 in the neighborhood. Every year, they would connect and repaint the murals to ensure they looked fresh. Fast forward twenty years later, and the entire 13th Avenue business community has fully embraced the vivid color that draws interest and exploration to the area. Other well-known mural artists in the area include Jayde Goodon (aka @wizwon on Instagram), David Loran (@youngjarus),  and Danny Fernandez (@def3). 

Josh hopes that these art installations around the community reflect their unique communal voice and offer a sense of pride and belonging. Color has its own physicality and evokes emotion. He hopes that his work will offer a balance of individuality and community, where nature and color take over your senses for a while. Cathedral is like no other place in the city. Walking around in this neighborhood still gives you a sense of placement and uniqueness, where nothing is cookie-cutter. Josh’s work always offers a little piece of him with a reflection of nature brought to the forefront.

You can now find Josh’s work all over the city. He’s usually known to have an element of nature in his work with a gorgeous jewel-tone feel. Josh is currently taking a few more commissions this year if you want a special piece done for your exterior walls or a sleeve on your arm! That’s right, Josh is also a local tattoo artist. He has a private studio in Cathedral. Reach out to [email protected] or follow him @jtrue_goff on Instagram. Let him know what his art and others in the city mean to you!

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