Maintaining Your Attic Space Will Save You Energy & Money

Do you ever wonder why your energy bills are through the roof? Or why you have a long icicles that could kill someone dangling from your eaves in the winter? Well chances are, your attic is not performing the way it should.

Jessica had Regina's attic experts, Ultimate Insulation, stop in for a free inspection to ensure that her insulation levels were adequate and even throughout the home, and that her ventilation systems were working to it's best potential. Turns out her garage attic needed eight more inches of insulation to have an insulating value of R40, and her air-to-air exchanger was vented backwards.

Why is the attic so important to maintain?

  1. Energy savings for starters. Your attic space is the biggest source of heat loss in your home. So if your insulation is not installed properly, or doesn't have an R40 value, chances are your bills will be higher.
  2.  It will save you headaches and money in the long run. Not only does Ultimate Insulation check your insulation levels, they are ensuring that your ventilation systems are installed properly for adequate air flow to prevent condensation inside the space. Your vapour barrier's performance could also be another significant factor as to why you are having problems. If any of these are failing, you will begin to see long term problems that will cost an arm and a leg to fix, and is often not covered by insurance like ice damming.
  3. Live more comfortably. Your home will be more cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer with even temperature throughout the home if all is well in your attic and furnace.

Be proactive now and save money in the future. Connect with Ultimate Insulation for a free inspection.

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