The Items You Often Forget To Tackle On Your Honey-Do List

If you've been at home during this pandemic, you've probably tackled those routine spring checklist tasks already off your honey-do list. Windows and walls are washed up, the deck is pressure washed, and those leaves from fall have been raked up. But here are some things that you might have forgotten about that are crucial for your home to run smoothly. Here are a few things to inspect and maintain that you may not have even known that you needed to do!

  1. Your furnace could always use inspection and a filter change, but for those of you that have an air-to-air exchanger, there is also a filter in there that needs to be cleaned regularly. When you open up the unit, there should be instructions on how to clean the filter on the inside panel. Most exchangers have filters that pull out and need to wash with warm water and left to air dry.
  2. If your home has a sump pump in the basement, run some warm water into the pit and see if it kicks in. Don't wait until a massive downpour to find out that your pump has seized!
  3. If you own your water heater, it should be serviced as well, making sure that the anode has not corroded. The last thing you need is a flood in your basement when you are social distancing. If you rent your unit, check your contract as you may receive free maintenance checks. Book in now so you can get an appointment when they are available.
  4. Aside from cleaning behind your appliances, there are other regular maintenance tasks you can handle to make sure they are running efficiently. Running your front-loading washing machine with a distilled cleaning vinegar, cleaning out the filter, and draining any residual water is one way to ensure that it doesn't smell musty. Your dishwasher can also use a deep clean with running a load with distilled vinegar and baking soda, especially if your water is quite hard. It will help prevent build up in your lines. Don't forget to clean out your dryer vent as this is critical in preventing lint fires. It's a great idea to clean out that central vacuum system too. Both of these tasks can be done by  hiring professional duct cleaners to clean out the entire HVAC system. And did you know that you can clean in between your oven door glass panes? Yup!
  5. Outside, you can make sure your eaves are cleaned out and caulk areas that have leaks, with caution of course. And while you have someone manning your ladder, you can also check spot your roof for any missing shingles. It's also a great time to be checking to make sure your downspouts are down and flowing far from your foundations without any damage.

Check back to our blog to see other regular spring maintenance tips to tackle if you are in a productive mood and want to make sure you are keeping the house in tip-top shape!

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