These Six Activities Could Derail Your Mortgage Approval

These six activities can completely derail your mortgage approval. It could significantly delay or prohibit your purchase altogether.

In a nutshell, do not do anything that will alter your debt-to-income ratio or that will impact your credit score, even if you think it's for the better. Your approval was based on a specific set of criteria, and changing any of these variables could prevent you from closing even after you have removed the conditions.


  • purchase a vehicle, boat, or any other major purchase like furniture or that engagement ring
  • leave your job, become self-employed, or start a new position
  • run up your credit cards
  • close or switch bank accounts or make significant deposits and withdrawals, constantly check your credit score - in fact, check it before applying for a mortgage, clear up any discrepancies, and then after approval, don't check it again
  • be late on any bill payments

If you are planning any of these things, make sure your lender is well aware ahead of time before removing conditions so you can plan accordingly and ensure that you still get those keys on possession day!

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