Three Local Programs To Help You Save On Utilities

Everything is costing more money lately, and while energy and water-saving tips are practical, there may be more your local Regina utility companies can do for you! Here are a few programs you may not have even been aware of that you can take advantage of, keeping a little extra green in your wallet!

City of Regina Water Utility Rebate Program & High-Efficiency Water Retrofit Program

The rebate program offers low-income households with seniors (65 years or older) or a person living there with a disability $0.66/day approx. $20 off their monthly bill

The retrofit program is also offered to low-income households. It offers support to obtain an efficiency audit to identify specific improvements to help lower water costs, like replacing old toilets, showerheads, faucets, and aerators. The program is on a first-come-first-serve basis, but you could have a few things covered that need to be upgraded! This program is also offered to those renting as long a landlord consent form accompanies the application.

Click here for more info on income eligibility and how to apply: City of Regina Water Utility Rebate Program

SaskEnergy Tune-Up Assistance Program (TAP) & Residential Equipment Replacement Rebate

This is for eligible homeowners who make $68,000 or less/per year. This program can cover maintaining your furnace free of charge, two furnace filters, a carbon monoxide detector, and up to $200 in repairs if required.

You may also be eligible for a rebate if you replace old furnaces, boilers, and water heaters with more energy-efficient ones. For example, you may be eligible for $325 when you upgrade your furnace or $1000 when you go to a tankless water heater!

Click here for more details, terms and conditions, and how to apply. SaskEnergy TAP Program

SaskPower Energy Assistance Program

This program is for those households making $70,000/year or less. If you are eligible for this program, SaskPower will complete an audit and provide free upgrades like a smart thermostat, LED lightbulbs, a drying rack, and high-efficient showerheads! This could potentially save you up to $230/year! If you rent, your application must include a consent form for your landlord.

Click here for more details, terms and conditions, and how to apply for the SaskPower Assistance Program.

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