Three reasons to get your ducts cleaned

Cleaning out your air ducts is not only a no-brainer to help you save money, but it can also make a huge impact on your health and safety.


If you suffer from allergies, major headaches, nasal congestion, or sinus problems, poor air quality in your home could be a contributing factor. We breath in as much as 1-2 TBSP of contaminants in our own home everyday, and if you smoke or have pets, the pollutants we suck back through our air is much worse. Cleaning the air ducts, furnace, a/c, and HRV will reduce dust, bacteria, and mould spores from your home.


By cleaning your heating and cooling systems along with your dryer vents, your energy costs will be reduced because your systems are not laboring so much to do the same amount of work. It will take less time for your furnace or a/c to achieve the temperature it’s trying to reach. Clothes will also dry faster, reducing the time it takes to run it.


Lint is a hidden fire hazard and if the dryer motor is working overtime to dry your clothes, it could overheat, sparking the lint. You can protect your family and your investment from fire by simply getting your dryer vents cleaned every 18-24 months.


  • every 2-3 years but if you are a smoker, own pets, or live near an open space like a park or field, it should be more often
  • if you have allergies, headaches, or sinus problems
  • if there is a musty odour when the heating or cooling system runs
  • if you notice dust on furniture shortly after cleaning
  • if it seems like there is a not enough airflow or less airflow than usual
  • if replacing your furnace filter every 2-3 months doesn’t seem to be helping

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