Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Exterior & Foundation

  • Examine your foundation walls, floors, and masonry for cracking, heaving, and moisture after wet weather
  • Check grading and ensure no water is pooling near your foundation
  • Inspect your gutters and downspouts, ensure proper water run-off, and clean
  • Look over your deck, patio, porch, railings, fences, and pergolas for deterioration


  • Survey for any missing, loose, or damaged shingles
  • Check flashing around chimney, vents, and skylights
  • Examine fascia and soffits for deterioration
  • Look for any evidence of water penetration in the attic and ceilings


  • Analyze water heater for leaks and corrosion
  • Test lawn sprinkler system and outdoor water valves for leaks and exposed lines
  • Ensure air conditioning unit and air-to-air exchanger is working properly, clean or replace filters, and/or book a service
  • Monitor your indoor plumbing for leaky faucets, clogged drains, and sweaty pipes

*NOTE: ensure that the weather is appropriate to test the above


  • Clean out dryer vents and heating/cooling ducts
  • Examine caulking around tub, sinks, toilet base, and showers
  • Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries twice a year

If you are thinking about selling this spring... these are all items that potential buyers will expect to be completed. Get on top of these things prior their home inspector catches anything that could put your sale in jeopardy.

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